Our Church History

Wolf’s Covenant Church is over 250 years old! Our humble beginnings started in 1763 when four trustees, two from the Reformed and two from the Lutheran faiths, formed a Christian partnership known as St. Paul’s Wolf’s Union Church. Religious services, which alternated each Sunday between the Reformed and Lutheran congregations, were initially held in a school house, in homes, and in barns until the current church was built in 1855.

During those years, the church building went through several renovations but none added as much beauty and excitement as the addition of stained glass windows in 1938. The windows depict the story of Jesus’ life and the best-known symbols of the Christian faith. Please come see for yourself!

This well-laid foundation withstood the test of time, for almost 200 years. In 1961, the St. Paul’s Union church was dissolved. The Reformed Congregation would be known as St. Paul’s Wolf’s (Reformed then later the United Church of Christ) and continues to worship in the existing church building on Wolf’s Church Road. Our Luthern friends built a new church on Trinity Road.

Another important milestone in the history of Wolf’s was the purchase of a home located near the church that in 2004, was converted into a labor of love—the Harvest of Hope Food Pantry. The mission of Harvest of Hope is to serve God by feeding and caring for the hungry in our community. The needs in the community continues to grow as does our commitment to feed them.

As the philosophy of the United Church of Christ evolved, Wolf’s congregation ascertained change was warranted and sought to find an affiliation with a denomination what was more central to our historical Christian values. In 2006, St. Paul’s Wolf’s U.C.C. Church was accepted into the Evangelical Covenant Church, a denomination which seeks to nurture a deep and committed relationship with Jesus Christ, values the Bible as the Word of God, the gift of God’s grace and ever-deepening spiritual life that comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, Wolf’s Covenant Church continues to build on its historical roots and remains a Christ-Centered family church with a focus on studying God”s Word and connecting people to a faithful relationship with Jesus. We have adapted to many societal and social changes over the years, while maintaining our focus on our consistent theological belief in God and the life, teachings and sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ.